Fortune Gems – Opportunity To Get Rich From Gems

Fortune Gems – Opportunity To Get Rich From Gems

Fortune Gems is a very popular game in the Philippines. This place not only offers rich opportunities but also an interesting entertainment space. In this article, we will introduce to you in detail the interesting slots game at BetSo88.

General review about Fortune Gems – The game is simple but the win rate is extremely high

The JILI Fortune Gems game is an exciting journey that takes players to a magical world of gemstones and treasures. With its unique visual design, the game provides a rich treasure experience filled with precious gems, promising players unprecedented and thrilling adventures.

The game’s setting immerses players in an imaginary world reminiscent of ancient Egypt, with sparkling gemstones and mountain peaks. This creates a mystical and captivating atmosphere, turning the gameplay not just into a gambling experience but also an adventurous journey.

General review about Fortune Gems – The game is simple but the win rate is extremely high
General review about Fortune Gems – The game is simple but the win rate is extremely high

Fortune Gems slot machine has a simple yet user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for both new and seasoned players. With 3 reels and 3 rows, the game maintains a classic structure but upgrades with multiplier feature symbols, increasing winning opportunities and adding excitement.

Eight unique basic symbols and a special Wild symbol enhance the gameplay experience. The Wild symbol not only substitutes for other symbols to create winning combinations but also triggers the possibility of doubling bonus winnings. This makes earning money from the game easier and adds to the overall excitement.

Details about Fortune Gems

Play the online slot Fortune Gems at BetSo88 for a chance to win attractive prizes. To achieve high-paying combinations, align three gemstones or matching wild gold symbols, then spin the bonus multiplier wheel to increase your winnings up to 15 times. This is the simplest and easiest way to make money at BetSo88.

Demo version

JILI allows customers to play a trial version of the game on the platforms of various bookmakers or on the brand’s official website. Fortune Gems is a jewelry-themed slot reel. When successfully activating the 5×3 symbol arrangement, customers can receive impressive rewards.

In addition to providing an exciting experience for players, the game also stands out for its well-organized layout. Customers can navigate on a wide screen and enjoy fantastic effects when lucky enough to achieve high bonus multipliers.

Jewelry theme

Fortune Gems evokes memories of the childhood classic Bejeweled. You’ll experience great joy as you arrange rare gemstones together, with a variety of colors, from blue, red, green to gold. Moreover, if lucky enough to achieve combinations, the bonuses increase even more.

You will enjoy fantastic wins with rare symbols in the wild setting. Currently, Fortune Gems has very high compatibility, suitable for mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers.

RTP ratio – It all depends on your luck

JILI Fortune Gems Slot is a 5×3 reel with an RTP ratio of 97%. Thus, customers have a winning probability of x375. This makes the game suitable for new players entering online betting. Experience this masterpiece now, and JILI will transport you into a world of wealth, opulence, and a touch of mystery.

Lucky spin details – Win with prize money multiplied many times

The system allows customers to place bets ranging from 1 to 1,000 coins per spin. The maximum number of paylines achievable in Fortune Gems is 5. The golden wild symbol has a higher bonus multiplier and can completely substitute for gemstones and letter symbols.

Utilize them to create higher rewarding combinations. If three symbols appear on a payline, you make a profit. Depending on the bonus multiplier on the right column, the prize money may vary. The game’s multiplier ranges from 1x to 15x.

Lucky spin details – Win with prize money multiplied many times
Lucky spin details – Win with prize money multiplied many times

With a 15x multiplier, winners receive congratulations on a Super Win. Customers can also click on Extra Bets to double the bonus multiplier. This means that even if you don’t land on the 15x square, you can still easily enjoy a 9x ratio (equivalent to the 3x square).

The only thing customers need to invest is +50% of the bet amount. Note that if you land on the 1x square, you won’t be able to increase the bonus multiplier. With this feature, players can still profit significantly even if they don’t achieve the 15x multiplier.

Similar to other blockbusters

JILI introduced this game in 2021, following other popular Slots blockbusters with similar names like Fortune Tree or Fortune Big. Therefore, if you enjoy the 5X3 Fortune Gems reels, you may want to try out a few other games as well.

The easiest way to play Fortune Gems

Bonuses are also awarded based on the following regulations:

  • According to the rules of the game, you will win a prize if 3 identical symbols appear from left to right.
  • Winnings will be calculated as (Bet x Payout)/5.
  • In any case that leaves the game result uncertain, the spin is considered invalid.
  • If you spin and have 3 identical images appear consecutively, you can win a connection reward.
  • This 3-reel, 3-row video slot will have a total of 5 types of rewards to win.
  • The bonus calculation will be expressed as: bet amount X connection X return rate.
  • The prize calculated from the bet line will be equal to the amount shown in the “Pay Table” multiplied by the bet size and bet level.
  • In each betting line, only the highest prizes are paid.
  • If the winning symbols are consecutive from left to right reels, it is counted as a win
  • When winning on different betting lines the money will be collected together.
  • The wild symbol substitutes for all except the Bonus symbol.
  • The Wild symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • The Free Spins feature will play with the same bet level.
  • In case the match result cannot be determined then this game will not be accepted.

Payments to Fortune Gems

Any slot game will have its own distinct symbols, and Fortune Gems is no exception. Here are the important symbols of this game:

Payments to Fortune Gems
Payments to Fortune Gems
  • Lucky Gem Face: It represents the highest odds in this game. (Excluding Scatter and Wild symbols), the maximum payout on this symbol is 3 X 25.
  • Red gems have the second highest odds in the game with the maximum payout going to be 3 X 20.
  • Blue gems offer the third highest odds with a maximum payout of 3 X 15.
  • Green Gems has the fourth highest odds with the maximum payout going to be 3 X 12.
  • Symbol A has the fifth highest odds with a maximum payout of 3 X 10.
  • The K symbol has the sixth highest odds in the game with a maximum payout of 3 X 8.
  • The Q symbol has the seventh highest odds in the game with a maximum payout of 3 X 5.
  • The J symbol has the eighth highest odds in the game with a maximum payout of 3 X 2.

FAQ about Fortune Gems game

When experiencing slot games for the first time, customers should carefully explore some information related to the Demo version, the official version, and the betting app. The publisher has addressed these issues through the following sections.

How to play Fortune Gems slots for free?

To get acquainted with Fortune Gems, you should first choose the trial play feature at the BetSo88 publisher. Customers will be given 1 million in-game currency to freely experience all the features of the game. Through this, players can determine their skill level and understand how the game operates.

How to convert bonuses from Fortune Gems slots?

If you bet real money, players can completely transfer their winnings to their bank account. Access the withdrawal section and provide the necessary information for the bookmaker to verify. If the player has made a valid bet on Fortune Gems, the bonus will be immediately awarded.

How to convert bonuses from Fortune Gems slots
How to convert bonuses from Fortune Gems slots

Can Fortune Gems be played on mobile phones?

Certainly, as long as you have downloaded the bookmaker’s betting app. JILI has optimized the interface to be compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Therefore, you can seamlessly experience the game anytime, anywhere without interruption.

What category of slots does Fortune Gems belong to?

This is a reel-type slot game with a jewelry theme produced by the JILI publisher. Press the Start button to activate the reels and achieve winning combinations. Depending on the number of symbols, customers can receive different bonus multipliers.

With all the above information about Fortune Gems, you probably have a better understanding of this game. If you want to find an entertainment opportunity plus the opportunity to receive rewards, then come to BetSo88 to experience high quality games.

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